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Kiss them for me, I may be delayed...

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16 December
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I don't want to be a stupid puppet anymore...but I still come with a built-in soundtrack...
absurdity, afro celt sound system, albert camus, albert einstein, alphonse mucha, amir diab, arabic, arabs, asian experimental music, baklava, ballet, bananas, beatles, beethoven, bellydancing, blue hair, blur, bollywood, boxes, c.s. lewis, cafe del mar, cartoons, castles, che guevara, cibo matto, cloves, cocteau twins, cotton candy, czech surrealism, da vinci, danny elfman, david bowie, de/vision, dead can dance, delerium, depeche mode, dostoyevsky, drums, dvorak, eastern european cinema, egon schielle, emerald eyes, emerson, everqueer deux, existentialism, faith and the muse, film festivals, folklore studies, fritz lang, graemme revell, greeks, h.r. giger, henry david thoreau, hermann hesse, hiking trails, hindu saris, history, hooverphonic, india, jan svankmajer, jean paul sartre, joy division, kabuki, kafka, karl marx, katanas, khalil gibran khalil, kierkegaard, kissing, kodo drummers, kratky films, kung fu movies, kutna hora ossuary, lao tzu, laptops, lebanese food, lewis carroll, lord byron, lux, martial arts, massive attack, matchbooks, mikhail barishnikov, milan kundera, milos forman, miyamoto musashi, my bloody valentine, nick cave, nietzsche, nusrat fateh ali khan, ofra haza, oreos, oscar wilde, peacocks, peppermint tea, persian blues, piano, pillowfights, pixies, political science, portishead, prague, puppet animation, radiohead, red wine, remixes, reptiles, sandalwood, scimitars, scuba diving, sharp objects, siddhartha, simone de beauvoir, siouxsie, skiing, skinny puppy, sleeping pills, sonic youth, stephen hawking, string instruments, subways, sushi, swimming, synth-pop, the brothers quay, the creatures, the cure, the deep sea, the high tatras, the postal service, the turkish twirling dervishes, the velvet underground, tim burton, tolstoy, traveling, turks, vaclav havel, vaslav nijinski, whispers, wireless stuff, wolfsheim, yoga

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